Raw Foods and Weight Loss - Will this raw cheesecake make me fat?

Raw foods and weight loss usually go hand in hand but there are a few guidelines and the myth that it's a ticket to the all you can e...

Raw foods and weight loss usually go hand in hand but there are a few guidelines and the myth that it's a ticket to the all you can eat buffet is just not true! Your ready to take action and start adding in raw dessert recipes in place of the store brought ones right? But.....look at all those calories in it?!!?!!? OMG will eating this raw cheesecake make me fat?

One of the questions I  get asked is '"Will this raw food make me gain weight"?  Let's go into this in a little more detail so that you can understand why raw foods recipes are better than the store brought junk and how you can control your weight loss and eat yummy stuff to!

Firstly let's dispel the myth that there is any sweet tasty food high in fat and calories that you can eat alot of and stay skinny. Unless your one of the few with a fast metabolilism it all comes down to a calorie in Vs Calorie out. So whether your a raw foods recipe follower or not this  will always mean your weight loss is dependant on how much you eat vs how much you energy you use throughout the day.

 How Do Calories Work For Weight Loss?

Your calorie needs are dependent on your individual situation. For some they don't do much movement or exercise so they would have a lower calorie diet i.e let's say for a woman in her twenties who doesn't exercise, was ready to take action now, get started and begin her weight loss journey today. She would likely have to eat a food plan under 1200 calories a day for any results.

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For a woman of the same age - take me for example. I work out everyday with a high level of intensity and I am extremely active with lifting and carrying at work most days so I eat around 1900 Calories and just this week my weight loss was 3 kilos. If our wanting more information about how I achieved this you can contact me via the contact page.

Macro Nutrients For Weight Loss , Raw foods And Body Composition

The next part of the puzzle is how raw foods/ macro-nutrients and processed foods affects your body composition. This means how much muscle and fat you have!For the best results most people do a split of something like 40% carbohydrate, 35% protein and 20% fat..but then it's dependent on each situation.


 If you eat a diet high in store bought fats and carbohydrates, like pastas, chocolate, dairy ( milk, cheese) breads and processed foods and you eat to many calories based on your weight, age, sex and energy use then you will put on fat and likely a lower muscle gain. Keep in mind muscle is medicine and muscle is metabolism - you want muscle not fat! What also happens is the gluten , sugars and bad fats all go to work creating disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer in your body. Studies prove that a highly processed diet leads to cancer formation. There is no argument there. Even if your skinny your whole life and never put on weight- If you eat crap and you will eventually get sick and die.

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So What About This Raw Foods For Weight Loss?

On the other side of the fence you have a diet high in protein ( I'm not apposed to animal protein but I'm only 90% raw!) Plant proteins , raw fruits and vegetable, nuts, seeds and oils. These foods eaten under the right calorie plan heal the body and with the right macro nutrient split i.e the percentage of healthy carbohydrate, healthy fat and healthy protein will assist in weight loss, curb sugar cravings, protect the body from deficiencies. You will find thousands of  studies, pages, blogs and testimonies proving that a mainly Raw foods Diet helps assist/cure and prevent depression, anxiety, reflux, diabetes,  cancers, tumors, diseases, obesity and much more.

 So I Can Eat Raw Cheesecake And Get Weight Loss Results?

 Short answer - If you eat like it's going out of fashion you will likely get some weight gain in stead of weight loss but the flip-side is that the foods your eating on his website are healthy and healing to the body and will actually assist in weight loss if you don't over- eat! Many of the most used foods actually create an environment for weight loss in the body.

To Help You start Your Journey Today

From today I will be adding in the macro- nutrients as well as the calories per slice for every recipe so that if you are going to start making a  change and taking action with your health today then you  can count the calories as well. This is an example of what you will see

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