Raw Chocolate Caramel Recipe - Simple Dessert Recipes

I can't get enough of chocolate and raw caramel simple dessert recipes and this one is just beautiful. It's really good for a k...

I can't get enough of chocolate and raw caramel simple dessert recipes and this one is just beautiful. It's really good for a kids party platter as they are nice and teeny for little hands or of course us adults to...we can just eat a few! They have a delish crunchy base , a gooey center and sweet chocolate top...soooo good!

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Raw Chocolate Caramel Recipe

Simple Dessert Recipes


 Makes 6
Chocolate base
Simple Dessert Recipes
2 cups of almond flour
8 dates
2 tbsp melted coconut oil
1 tbsp honey or agave
4 tbsp of cacao powder

 Blend until a dough forms and press into your molds, I use a muffin tin :) Simple desserts! Now freeze the bases overnight or for six hours minimum. Such easy recipes but they taste so good


Salted caramel
Simple Dessert Recipes
1 cup of dates pre-soaked for two hours in water
1/4 cup of honey or agave if your are vegan
1/4 cup of melted coconut oil
pinch of sea salt
1 tbsp of almond butter 

Remove bases and using a warm knife gently remove from the tins and place on a tray. They should be well formed and stable. Blend all dates ingredients until a paste forms. thick , gooey and creamy! Spoon the mixture evenly into all six and place in the cooler.
Raw Caramel is so much better for you than the original kind as it doesn't use any sugar! You can feel safe in knowing that you are feeding your family , friends and self  a healthier treat that wont cause major tooth decay and diabetes!
 Chocolate ganash 
Simple Dessert Recipes
1/2 cup of cacao powder
1/2 cup of cacao butter
1/4 cup of honey or agave
4 dates pre-soaked 
pinch of sea salt.

Melt to Cacao Butter , blend all ingredients and pour over each caramel treat evenly. Now place in the cooler until set. You can store in the freezer or the cooler. This chocolate ganash is also a simple dessert recipe on its own. Add some nuts and throw it the the cooler to set for a simple chocolate dessert recipe. It's really high in anti oxidant's and magnesium so it's a super healthy boost. just remember it's also high calorie so don't go to over board! It's all about moderation.

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Easy, delicious and simplified Raw treats for you to make at home!

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  1. Yum - this looks Awesomely good. 1 question I have... when you use dates, do you use regular size dates or the larger Medjool's?


    1. The recipe is for regular dates that have been soaked in water for a minimum of two hours to get a bit soft. I usually put a cup measurement so that if you want to change to medijool you can..If no cup measurement is there just minus a couple to even it out !

      Personally I like to use medijool for their taste and nutritional content but as they can be expensive I usually just give measurements for what most people can afford on a weekly basis :)

      Julia :)

  2. Looks great. How do you remove it from muffin tin? I tried but it sticks. :)