Eating Raw with Easy Raw Desserts – Raw Chocolate Mint Slice Recipe

Nothing beats the smell of fresh mint …except maybe this recipe for raw chocolate mint slice ! Easy raw, and amazing recipes...yum chocol...

Nothing beats the smell of fresh mint…except maybe this recipe for raw chocolate mint slice ! Easy raw, and amazing recipes...yum chocolate mint slice

Let's go back in time...
It's Christmas day, the presents are open and  the chocolates and goodies are over flowing..You've scoffed a bunch of yummy food and now your left with a bowl of delish after dinner mint num num num...well now you can have that all over again!
We are having a run of decadent desserts but little snacks are also great to have especially for wowing your next visitors or when you really need that quick sweet fix! These Mint slices are Super easy to make and they look super adorable.
Mint Slice Bikkies!
Ingredients for Easy Raw Chocolate Mint Slice Recipe

1.5 Cup of Almond Flour
2 tbs of Honey or agave
10 soaked dates
¼ Cup of Cacao powder
2 tbs of melted coconut Oil
Gently melt coconut oil and then combine all ingredients except the almond flour and blend until smooth. Then add the almond flour and mix until well blended.
Press into greased individual molds or muffin tins about 1 cm thick. Place in the freezer until your ready to pop in the mint layer.

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Mint Crème Filling
1 Cup of Raw Cashews soaked for minimum 4 hours
½ Cup of Coconut Oil Melted
10 drops of essential peppermint oil
1 cup of fresh mint leaves
½ Cup of Agave Syrup
Blend all ingredients. It should be very smooth, sweet ,minty and creamy . Then pour over the bases should be about 1 cm thick. Freeze for two hours or until you can safely remove the base and filling without breaking anything. Once its firm enough, slip a knife around the edges and pop out all biscuits on to a tray.

Chocolate Coating
1/4 Cup of melted coconut oil
¼ Cup of melted cacao Butter
1 Cup of cacao powder
1/3 Cup of agave or honey
Mix the chocolate by hand. Really get it shining… If you like it really sweet you can add some stevia but careful as I find stevia has a strong flavour so add slowly. Once mixed its time to get covering!

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There is no secret to this part  – you have two options. I just pop each one into the chocolate mix and cover it then then fish it out with a spoon and place on a tray back in the freezer..but you can leave them in the molds and just layer with chocolate or you can spoon over the mixture…whichever way they taste incredible so ENJOY!!

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  1. Is this peppermint oil the same peppermint oil u add to your foot bath or is there an edible version?

  2. its essential oil yes..Obviously you would never consume it by itself but you can add small parts to recipes safely :)

  3. You can buy natural peppermint essence at the supermarket too, probably not as pure or raw as peppermint essential oil though of course. Nice recipes!!