How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

You want to lose weight fast ? So you stop eating anything but lettuce right?  Exercise for 2 hours a day, grab your African mango's ...

You want to lose weight fast ?
So you stop eating anything but lettuce right?  Exercise for 2 hours a day, grab your African mango's supplements, fat blockers, raspberry  ketones  and the latest greatest fad diet plan ?

Have you gone raw, gluten free, GMO free, lactose free, quit sugar and your weighing in every morning ..You should be set for success right?

....I’m not sure about you but ‘losing weight fast’ sounds like a prison of strict rules, disappointment and self-loathing. How do you enjoy life when you’re on the latest fad, diet or detox? Losing weight is not about changing everything around you. It’s about changing your lifestyle so that weight loss is the result of your everyday living! I want to share with you 5 tips to lose weight naturally, without damaging your self-esteem or your bank account. Without starving or over exercising and depleting your body of it’s much needed minerals...

 How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

how to lose weight fast

                           5 ways  to lose weight fast and easy

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1 : Shop Smart 

Your wanting to lose weight fast but there’s cookies and chippies in your cupboard and lots of sugary
processed baked foods laying around. Do you think surrounding yourself with temptation foods is likely to help ? Changing your lifestyle for the better takes a little planning and this begins with your smart shopping. Shop for whole foods, fruits , vegetables and buy-nowhealthy choices. If you have a sweet tooth then click to check out our recipe ebook for slices , bars and chocolate treats that are all healthy snacks that you can make.

2: Exercise Daily

To lose weight fast you need to do 4 hours on a gruelling treadmill and then you need to lift heavy weights and sweat a ton right?

lose weight fastNa no way! In fact over doing it is doing you more harm than good, seriously…unless you are someone who likes torture OR you are an athlete/body builder you don’t need to push it that far, not even close. Ideally over a week you would fit in 3 long walks i.e. 40 mins to an hour at a good powerwalk and a few high intensity interval sessions mixed with some resistance. Resistance doesn’t mean finding a gym. Two 15 -  20 minute high intensity body weight workouts a week mixed with the walks should do it.

At the end of the day – just getting out and walking is going to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight if that's all you have time for then it's enough for you right now!

3: Don’t Starve – Eat Well

If you starve yourself at Lunch you will eat two desserts and you definitely won't lose weight fast . If you eat a well balanced breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks you will stick to your weight loss plan without to many cravings. It’s a simple rule! Sticking to a low calorie
plan can be really difficult so instead figure out about how much you need to eat daily and then go by sight.

Make sure each meal has a balance of lean Protein, healthy Carbs and Healthy fats. Examples of healthy carbs are fruits and vegetables.

 Examples of healthy fats are seeds, oils, nuts and avocados. Keep your meals regular and try to eat about the same amount daily. Your calorie needs will depend on your energy expenditure and current weight.

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4: Water, Water and Water

Ditch the energy drinks and sugary cokes you need at least 2.5  litres a day of pure water when most of us are lucky to get half a litre in . If you want to lose weight fast you need to replace your bodies most needed substance. Drinking enough water will help to detox your internal organs We are after all up to 70% water. Being dehydrated can sometimes confuse you into thinking your hungry resulting in over eating. Drinking plenty of water will make sure you feel full, lose weight fast and  keep energized and that you stay on track
and flush out all toxins you have built up with our western diet.

 5:  Sleep for longer and sleep deeper

It's true that loss of sleep is linked to obesity, large amounts of abdominal fat and inability to concentrate. Irritability, sugar cravings, stress and production of cortisol (stress hormones).
 Getting the right amount of sleep is vital to losing weight fast and your general well being! Make sure half an hour before bed you turn off any televisions/computers or electrical devices, lower the lights and perhaps read or do something that doesn't involve any extra light as this will stop you sleeping well. Cut the caffeine by 4pm and make sure you are getting some exercise throughout the day to promote good sleep.

Losing weight fast doesn't need to be an uphill battle, it's about smart choices and a lifestyle change. Diets don't work , fads come and go but when you make the decision to make change happen and your ready to take action with your life then it's time to get some professional advice.

If you are struggling with weight loss, sticking to healthy eating and perhaps your feeling a little toxic then it may be a good time to start a detox plan to give your body the kick-start it needs. Gentle Detoxes are not a long term weight loss answer but they are a safe effective way to get your body ready to lose weight fast.

Coming soon to the Raw Lifestyle is a specially formulated 9 day gentle detox plan for just this! Click here to be directed to the products page now

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