Raw Cheesecake recipes - Mini blueberry cream cheesecakes

We can't get enough of Raw Cheesecake Recipes in the raw lifestyle kitchen! However sometimes the raw cheesecake recipes are just to ...

We can't get enough of Raw Cheesecake Recipes in the raw lifestyle kitchen! However sometimes the raw cheesecake recipes are just to big and to much temptation for the freezer! So the perfect option is to make raw mini cheesecakes and enjoy a little tasty treat without the temptation to over indulge every single time!

 Check out this recipe for Mini Blueberry and Cream Cheesecakes for example!

 Raw Almond Base
1.5 Cup of Almond Flour
2 Tbsp. coconut oil melted
6 dates presoaked
1 tbsp agave syrup ( or honey )
2 tbsp. shredded dried coconut

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Combine in the blender  and then press equally into 8 muffin tins or your chosen molds.tins.

Raw Cheese Cream
2 Cups of soaked cashews - give them a minimum of 6 hours in room temp water
3/4 cup of melted cacao butter
2 tbsp. melted coconut oil
1/2 cup of almond milk (make sure it's room temperature not chilled)
1 tsp pure vanilla or 2 tbsp vanilla essence
 4 dates pre soaked
1/2 cup of your choice of honey or agave
1 cup of fresh blueberries  or raspberries, strawberry's, blackberries whichever is in season)

Blend the cashews, honey, almond milk, vanilla dates and salt until super smooth. Now add the cacao butter and coconut oil and continue to blend until a smooth consistency is formed. If it is at all chunky or unable to blend then place your bowl in a bain marie ( fill up a bigger bowl with boiling hot water ) and place this bowl inside to gently warm it through. This will allow the cacao butter and coconut oil to blend without setting. Now equally split the mixture into two parts. To one add the blueberries and blend until well mixed. 

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Take the vanilla mixture and pour over the bases evenly. Place in the freezer to firm to touch and then pour over the berry layer evenly. Now finely slice strawberries or your berry of choice as decoration and firm up in the cooler for 6 to 8 hours then serve
raw cheesecake recipes

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Raw cheesecake recipes

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