Healthy Raw Chocolate Recipe - Raw Protein Chocolate

I know, how many raw chocolate recipes can one possible try? Well here is one more of my raw chocolate recipes. To be 100% honest I do prefe...

I know, how many raw chocolate recipes can one possible try? Well here is one more of my raw chocolate recipes. To be 100% honest I do prefer tempered raw cacao butter chocolate recipes but the benefits of switching to a raw chocolate recipe that is coconut oil based is ten fold! Raw Coconut oil chocolate has an incredible calming effect on the digestive system, on your skin,hair and nails. It helps with cardio health, curbs sugar cravings, lowers blood pressure and much much more. There has even been recent studies into the effect of coconut oil on the brains ability to function and repair damage. Currently being investigated is it's ability to assist in cases with Alzheimers and dementia...they are some pretty big claims and as I said they are currently under going studies but hey...if it means keeping my marbles a little longer...COUNT ME IN!

Check out the top 3 reasons why I choose Coconut Oil over Cacao Butter. Keep in mind there are hundreds more!

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  1. Kills Pathogens - Coconut Oil is Anti Fungal and Anti Microbial and Anti Viral - Want to know why coconut oil is so good for the digestive system? It contains Lauric Acid which has all of the properties above. It goes straight to work assisting with balancing good bacteria, killing viruses and assisting in fighting and preventing fungal infections.
  2. Populations that eat ALOT of Coconut oil have healthy hearts - So diets high in saturated fat should spell out cardiovascular disease right? Well no! Coconut oil is an exemption infact populations that have a diet high in coconut oil have shown the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease. Coconut Oil lowers back LDL cholesterol and bumps up the good stuff! So Heart healthy is the second key factor.
  3. Coconut Oil actually helps you lose weight - Compared to studies of women eating other types of fat coconut oil actually promotes a higher percentage of weight loss from fat which means it is actually muscle sparing - we want this as muscle speeds up metabolism and keeps us healthy. Coconut oil also leads to greater satiety. This means that cravings and hunger is reduced assisting in weight loss.
The Recipe is for Raw Chocolate with a protein hit for assisting in building lean muscle and striping fat. There is no gluten, no lactose and no sugar so it's a super healthy, super yummy recipe for the whole family!

Raw Protein Chocolate Recipe 

 Raw Chocolate Recipe - Raw Protein Chocolate1 and 1/3 cup of coconut oil melted
1 cup of natural raw cacao powder
1/2 cup of  raw vanilla plant/pea protein
1/2 tsp of natural vanilla
pinch of sea salt
50 grams of dried finely shredded coconut
1/4 cup of honey - or agave if your vegan

Simply melt the coconut oil and then using an electric beater or blender whizz it all together until smooth. Pour into a tray and set in the freezer. After 20 mins you can eat it all up! 

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  1. Great tips on coconut oil and cacao butter. Didn't know this thanks for the recipes. I love reading information on raw food as I will be trying this soon. Thanks!

  2. I love chocolate, but the ones in the store are fattening.. maybe this could satisfy my cravings.

    1. these have healthy ingredients, so although keeping calories in mind, these are much easier on the waistline..

  3. great and interesting write up about Healthy Raw Chocolate Recipe.

    I really enjoyed the review part of it.

    thanks for sharing

  4. Wow! That looks like such a simple recipe that even a novice in the kitchen could do it! Plus, having great-tasting, healthy snacks available is definitely something everyone should do. Thanks!

    1. for sure, and this raw chocolate recipe will help you do just that!

  5. Wow! That is such a simple recipe that even a kitchen novice like me could do it! Plus, having great-tasting, healthy foods in the house is something that everyone should consider doing. Thanks!

  6. Can you substitute rice malt syrup for the honey or agave on this?