Raw Recipes – Why does Julia Keep Posting About Raw Food?

What is Raw eating all about? So your going to see a lot of recipes pop up with the title ‘ Raw Recipes ’…but why am I focusing on raw a...

What is Raw eating all about?

So your going to see a lot of recipes pop up with the title ‘Raw Recipes’…but why am I focusing on raw and what does it mean to your health?

Well firstly let’s go back a little bit on how I discovered Raw Foods and why I have made the change to a 90-95% raw diet(I still eat cooked protein).

Growing up I had a lot of difficulties with stomach issues and upsets and Doctors could never really tell me any reason for this. As well as that were the consistent colds, flu’s eczema, sinus infections,
gurgling tummy and just a general low immune system I just carried on thinking this was normal.
I’d have days where my tummy would stick out like I had gained 5kg over night and go completely hard, it was painful and embarrassing but you just carry on thinking it’s normal right?

Doctors would know if something was wrong, right??

Perhaps not!
Food intolerance's are only just beginning to become recognised and even now many parents struggle to solve the issues that they see their children suffering with. Many illnesses including respiratory illnesses, sinus, immunity and skin disorders are actually caused by an allergic reaction to two main things – Gluten or Lactose…you don’t have to be coeliac to be intolerant …scary isn’t it.

When your flatting what’s the basics you live off?
Bread, milk and pasta?
When your kids are growing up what are the basics that we give them ?
Yummy milk for strong bones ( calcium) Bread for their sandwiches for lunch and they have a sports tournament tomorrow so it’s a big plate of pasta for dinner….all the while we could be doing serious harm.
And ps there’s more calcium in broccoli than milk anyhow…yep its true...

Gluten is found in all your breads ,pastas, cakes, sauces etc and is actually a nasty little critter as it destroys the lining of your intestines, and that’s everyone – not just people who are intolerant. I'll post more on the wonders of how much damage it causes a little later

About 2.5years ago I woke up one morning and thought hmm my current life isn’t doing me great. I partied up to 2 nights a week ( and I mean out all night till the sunrises)Any one who knew me then would be able to testify to my antics… I eat junk food up to 3 times a day, I’m always sick, My job is stressful, my skin and hair is crap and I feel AWFUL.

I really didn’t know where to start but I started that day implementing small changes ie – vege’s with my meals and got a gym membership and stopped the partying….this was great and I definitely had some massive changes to my health but I was still having some issues with health and my poor tummy.

I removed gluten and lactose- and hey presto, goodbye most of the sickness, goodbye most of the tummy aches, bloating, sinus, respiratory infections and general energy level returned…

So what has happened since then?

I have now been in Australia for over two years and have dedicated my time to researching and studying the effects of proper nutrition on the body and food intolerance's. I kept coming across this ‘Raw foods’ lifestyle which is as it sounds ..raw food! So vege’s, fruits. Nuts, oils and much much more….that’s nothing cooked or processed…lollies, cakes, chocolate, coffee, milk, gluten products, breads. The research shows that when you cook a food you actually destroy the majority of its nutritional value.

So me and Nick my Partner) started to make all of our salads raw ( lunch and dinner) and swapped our chocolate eating to making our own raw chocolate which is INCREDIBLE!! We immediately noticed our digestive system was much happier and our skin, hair and overall health improved. We both got leaner and had no stomach upsets. We now had everything raw except meat but we love it and it’s really easy once you get started.

I’ve now been 95% raw for about 10 months..  
I don’t get sick, I am positive, disease free and fitter than a fiddle.I get up at 5am by choice and I’m super active. I still say I’m only 90- 95% because I do eat cooked animal protein..(Mum would be proud!) hehe and I occasionally have a processed snack – ie …damn carrot cake at the café made me eat it. But life is about balance and you can’t be perfect all the time can you!

Raw foods is about implementing highly nutritional food sources into your current lifestyle, It's about finding alternatives to sugar, flour and milk which can and do contribute disease and illness, obesity and diabetes. I'm not trying to convince everyone to snack on carrots all day -But I do want to share some ways that you can bring in small changes that will benefit you in the long run.

If you have decided to take action and improve you families or your own health then congratulations it’s a massive step.

I look forward to being part of your journey

Yours in Health,

Julia xx

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