Raw Food Desserts - Raw White Chocolate Cheesecake

Welcome Back Team for more amazing Raw Food Desserts , We are buckling up for a wild ride to taste bud heaven with this ridiculously radical...

Welcome Back Team for more amazing Raw Food Desserts, We are buckling up for a wild ride to taste bud heaven with this ridiculously radical Raw White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe. Now your all very lucky as I was saving this beauty for my recipe book so ENJOY. Love your body and SHARE the recipe!

Raw White Chocolate Cheesecake with Berry Sauce

    Raw The White Chocolate Cheesecake- This will knock your socks off!

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Almond Walnut Crust

2/3 cup of Almonds
1 cup of Walnuts
1 cups of soaked dates
Pinch of Sea Salt
3 TSP liquid Vanilla
2 TBS Coconut Oil
2 TBS honey

All dry ingredients in the blender. Break down the nuts – Don’t process to long or it may turn into a mush of nut butter as walnuts are OILY as. Once broken down remove and place aside. Place remaining ingredients in the blender and mix really well until a smooth paste appears. Add in the blended nuts and blend until smooth. Grease a 10” pan with coconut oil and press the mixture in to the base. Pop in the freezer.

FREE EBOOK: Getting Ripped On A Plant Based Diet

White Chocolate Cheesecake filling
2 tablespoons lemon juice
¼ Cup of liquid Vanilla
3 cups soaked cashews ( must be raw and soaked for a minimum of 4 hours)
1 cup almond milk
¾  cup  raw honey
2/3 Cup of melted Cacao Butter - This gives it the white choco taste
¼ teaspoon salt
3 Table spoons of lecithin
Raw Food Desserts - Raw White  Chocolate Cheesecake

Pop in the blender everything except Cacao Butter and lecithin. Blend until really smooth. Add the lecithin and cacao butter and resume blending – keep blending until a very smooth consistency forms, Pour into tin. You can press some berries and cacao nibs through the mixture if you like or see my favourite option below

OPTIONAL – take 1 cup of the mixture and blend with raspberries or blueberries and some lemon juice. Then pour through the top of the cheesecake and swirl with a knife for a marbled affect.

Garnish the top with mixed berries – Raspberries, cherries, blueberries and strawberries. When ready to serve pour over the raspberry sauce below

Pop in the freezer and set for a minimum of 4 hours or until firm to touch.

Raspberry Sauce
1 cup of frozen raspberries
1/3 cup of Honey or agave
1 TBS of Chia seeds
1 TBS lemon juice
1/3 cup water – use to thin as desired

Blend really well and taste test until your desired sweetness and thickness is reached.

Pour over when our ready to serve!

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  1. What is liquid vanilla please? Thank you :)

    1. vanilla essence from the supermarket :)

  2. Thanks but are you sure? The reason I wasn't sure if that 1/4 cup seems crazy, as most recipes only call for 1 tsp at the very most?? So are you 100% sure? Thanks :)

  3. try 1 tsp, Julia may have made a typo, so you can always click the 'contact' button above to have her change it and clear it up for you :)

  4. Better still are 3 vanilla pods chopped roughly and blended with one cup filtered water, keep in fridge and use in raw cheesecakes, nut bars, shakes...you name it. Wouldn't touch vanilla essence from the supermarket, personally!

  5. This looks yum! Just wondering if there is an alternative for the lecithin please?

  6. In the world of raw food, liquid vanilla usually refers to a liquid made up by blending vanilla beans and water, this would account for the 1/4 Cup measurement as one needs to use a fair amount of this liquid. Julia may well have a recipe for this somewhere on this site, but heres a quick recipe for it,, there are many ways to make it: INGREDIENTS FOR “LIQUID VANILLA”
    1 cup water
    3 vanilla beans


    If you have a commercial-quality blender: Throw everything together and blend.
    If you have a less-than-the-best-ever blender: First chop the vanilla beans into small-ish pieces, then blend until as smooth as possible.
    I like to store in a small San Pellegrino jar so I always know THAT is my liquid vanilla, and it’s easy to find. I love to have liquid vanilla on hand! It stores for up to about a week and maintains a good amount of freshness the whole time.

  7. lethinic granules or lecithin syrup?

  8. lecithin granules, is that what you mean?