Friday, April 26, 2013

Raw Breakfast Recipes - Raw Bircher Muesli

The journey down the Raw food path can sometimes be difficult when it comes to bright ideas for Raw Breakfast Recipes. It’s easy to grab a few pieces of fruit and some nuts or maybe shake up a chia, banana and pea protein shake but after a while eating like a sparrow is downright boring (snore)…..don’t ya think? Life is about having variety isn't it!?
So to add to the raw desserts recipes series we are starting a raw breakfast recipes series to start you day off with a powerhouse of nutrition, stacked full of good minerals, vitamins, healthy fats and proteins.  

Raw Breakfast recipes to cut the mid-morning sugar cravings, get the body in fat burning mode, promote heart health and fill you with an abundance of energy.

Whoever thought food was so useful when correctly eaten!?

Raw Breakfast Recipes  -Cinnamon Bircher Muesli

Makes about 3 portions

1 Cup of rolled oats – raw, GMO free, Gluten free and organic (local health store)strawberry muesli top
½ Cup of raisins or sultanas (check there is no added sugar)
½ Cup of dried fruit (apples, bananas, dates) again check there is no added sugar
2 Tablespoons of Chia seeds
1.5 Cups of nut milk (almond milk is the best)
3 Tablespoons of Coconut milk (you can omit if you don’t like it)
½ Cup of slivered Almonds
½ Cup of goji berries
½ a TSP of cinnamon
2 Tablespoons of Honey ( raw or agave syrup )

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate over night …next morning you have yummmmmy creamy bircher muesli! Top with fresh fruit and it's perfect

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