How To Lose Weight Without Working Out - Part Two – Increasing Protein

It’s part two of our series of “ How to Lose Weight Without Working-Out ”. If you haven’t yet read Part One ‘ Healthy Fats ” then click...

It’s part two of our series of “How to Lose Weight Without Working-Out”.

If you haven’t yet read Part One ‘ Healthy Fats” then click here to read Part One:
How To Lose Weight Without Working Out - Part 1: Healthy Fats
Today we are going to focus on increasing your protein intake!

Why you ask?

Well having a High protein intake as part of a balanced diet is an easy way to get your body into fat burning mode without having to pound the pavement!!! (In this series I am including natural cooked foods as well as a Raw alternative)
So how does increasing Protein intake affect weight loss?

Protein plays an important part in the regulation of Body Weight. Protein rich foods are high in Leucine an important branch chain amino acid that helps to increase your metabolism. Leucine also sends signals to your brain to maintain your muscles mass which enables your body to burn stored fat instead of your much needed muscles. Lowering your carbohydrate intake also decreases the insulin released after each meal which in turn means a higher fat burn for your body. To top it off Protein gives you a feeling of ‘fullness’ for longer which curbs your sugar cravings.

Let’s get a couple of things straight…

Firstly if you attempt to follow FDA guidelines for an average diet it’s a fast track to obesity! They quote that you should eat 2000 calories a day, 1200 from carbs, 500 from protein and 300 from fats. Unfortunately this diet does not promote weight loss as 2000 calories is way to ESPECIALLY if they aren’t able to find much time for exercise…So what should we be aiming for? Well Women should likely be around 500-700 calories less but It does depend on your current body weight, activity level etc if you want more information on eating plans then head to the contact page and email through your details as we do sell meal plans. But as a general platform , each meal needs to contain about a palm size portion of protein, 10-25% of the meal coming from healthy fats and a good serving of vegetables as our carbs. Breads, pastas (if included) should be the carbs that you have a really small amount of occasionally and not the larger part of your meal.

high for the majority of women especially those looking to decrease fat cells! Eating 1200 calories worth of carbohydrate daily will certainly lead to weight gain in women

OK that’s awesome to know BUT how do I increase my intake and what are the best foods for me to consume?
Increase protein to balance your body compisition

Lean meats like chicken, Salmon, Fish and Beef, Nuts, Eggs and Protein powders are all excellent sources for your body If your vegan go for plant proteins…. If you can find grass fed organic meat then you will also get an abundance of vitamins, minerals and Omegas from your meat.
Mince, sausages and Lamb and generally quite fatty and low in nutritional value so have less of these
Egg White Omelete’s are a great start to the day – Add some goats cheese, tomato, onion ,mushrooms and for the meat lovers some chopped Bacon…mmmm If your vegan please don't be horrified this artice is aimed at everyone so there's stuff here for you aswell!
If your not an Egg Fan then grab a bowl of fruit and have a protein shake – you will find many different types of Protein shakes on the market- go for a low carb high protein brand or if you’re a Raw Foodie like me check out my blog on Raw Protein.
As snacks you can add a handful of nuts which are a good source of protein and healthy fats .
Add 150grams of Meat to your Lunch and Dinner - You can use anything like Fish, Chicken, beef, lamb- This might be in your Sandwich , on your favourite salad or with your favourite vegetables

I cannot stress enough that I am not encouraging anyone to stop exercise- on the contrary you should be including regular exercise to ensure your body stays healthy and disease free. This series is aimed at making those choices in your diet that increase metabolism, help your body composition and help your body to burn fat whether you exercise or not! See my blog on how to work-out without working for ideas on where to fit in exercise when you can’t find 30mins per day

Congratulations on taking action and making the decision to improve your health and wellbeing, And yes- even as you read this you should be proud of yourself for starting to take an interest in my blogs and finding out some fun easy ways to making the journey to better health enjoyable. I’m sure by now you will have realised that there is some really good quality information here for you and so subscribe to my today by entering your email to the right there and receive free daily healthy raw recipes.

Also I really look forward to you thoughts and feedback on the recipes, comment away or if you want to speak at any time about nutrition or training plans please go to my contact page and enter in your email today.

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Until next time,

Jules :) :) :)

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