The Inner Workout At Home – The 3 Step Monthly Detox

We have been really focused on the physical side of how to workout at home but today one phrase that I am going to share with you may chang...

We have been really focused on the physical side of how to workout at home but today one phrase that I am going to share with you may change your thinking and direction when it comes to weight loss and health….so here it is

Did you know that Abs are made in the kitchen?

Yes, it’s true…in the kitchen…not just your Ab Wave, Ab King Pro, Ab Swinger, Ab Buster, Ab Trimmer or any such machine,gadget or super powered shredder. In fact the scary thing, is all those machines do - without proper diet and aerobic exercise is build your abdominal muscles under the layer of fat which in the end results in a rounded protruding belly…

 Yes you have been duped....
 So what does this really mean..
We can do all the exercise routines, workout at home, leg workouts, runs, walks and jumping squats that we can possible handle but if we aren’t making small but consistent changes to our diet then not a lot is going to change permanently. When I say  'diet’ I don’t mean you need to diet I am simply referring to what is included in your daily food intake.

Weight loss and body composition are 90% (YES 90%) down to the type of food you eat AND calorie IN Vs Calorie OUT – i.e. how much you eat compared to how much energy you exert. If your anything like me, calorie counting is a quick trip down the depression and bad self-esteem lane as we focus TO much food instead of enjoying life. We need to incorporate foods that boost our metabolism and assist in weight loss but we DON’T want to eat like a goat . I right?

So how do we make some simple and effective changes to our diet that will help to decrease caloric intake, improve energy, boost metabolism and weight loss and give our bodies an ‘Inner Workout

The  ‘Inner Workout at Home’ consists of 3 simple steps that will set your body up to lose that 5lbs of storage that is weighing you down! The main focus is to assist your body in gently and naturally detoxing to help our bodies rev up for the weight loss we are looking for!

So read on and discover 3 simple steps to make to assist with your changes in lifestyle, diet and exercise. Start with number one – implement for a week and then on Week 2 bring in the next Step – By the end of a month you should have all 3 steps working in harmony , gently detoxing and giving your Body that Inner Workout at Home!

Week 1
Flush It Out

Water ,Water Everywhere but not a drop to drink?

6am you have a coffee. On the way to work you have a coffee. When you get to work it’s a coffee. At Lunch, it’s a diet coke. Afternoon Tea, it’s another coffee and maybe after work we grab a nice glass of wine with a  mate…hang on…WHERE was your water intake?

I remember going through 5 or 6 coffee’s a day before I’d even touch a glass of water. This is doing you mega damage especially with the caffeine ringing out your adrenal glands which is actually making you store fat as a result from over production of cortisol( the stress hormone) Step One for your first week is to...


Keep a 1 litre of water next to your bed at night. As soon as you wake up in the morning drink the 1 litre BEFORE you get out of bed- It’s ok to drink it all as your purposely trying to flush out your system and wake it up.If you can handle it  guzzle another glass before brekky… Then you need to make sure you consume at minimum another 2 litres throughout the day- Sipping (not guzzling) throughout the day at regular intervals.

The water will help all your organs work together correctly, clean out your pipes, keep you focused and clear and sharp AND will help assist in food cravings! Studies show that the people who drink 2-3 litres of water today are 4 x as likely to lose weight as those who don’t! Do this every single day for the rest of the month.

Week 2
It’s Crunch Time

Now before you run for the hills I’m not suggesting abdominal crunches!!

Crunch time is the commitment to having one RAW meal a day. Don't be scared it's really not that hard.  I’m not sure about all of you but my diet used to consist of the following. At Breakfast time I had bottle of V and a sausage roll from some random petrol station at 5am, lunch was maybe a Panini and some hot chips with a coke…a few big milky coffees in the afternoon and dinner was whatever takeaway I drive past on the way home at 730-8pm.. All high in bad fats, bad cholesterol, processed and loaded with bad carbs (i.e. Gluten products)…What do you think was happening on the inside?

My poor intestines! There is NO way to get and nutrients from that diet and it blocks your intestines, bowels, clogs your arteries …pretty kills you slowly.

So week two step two it’s as simple as a chopped up fruit salad for brekky and some nuts OR at Dinner time making a big raw salad with as many vege’s as possible i.e. grated carrots, cucumber, beetroot, coriander, lettuce, cabbage…EVEYTHING you can possible find the more the better! With some yummy balsamic dressing and lemon juice as an example.  Adding this once a day raw commitment will give you a nutritional boost, you’ll improve your skin, hair and nails and you’ll keep your bowels happy with the extra fiber.

Week 3
Boost It up

Time for a powerpack!!

In the first two weeks we have flushed out a lot of the built up toxins in our bodies by providing our system with adequate fiber and water to be able to function at its optimal level! Now that we have moved some of the ‘crap’ out of the way it’s time to replace and re-energise your system!

Unless you have multiple stomachs like a cow you are likely unable to munch on enough fruits and vegetables to get the right levels of nutrition that your body needs to be able to function correctly- Just check out some of the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies here- Keep in mind that 90% of people are deficient…these are not extreme cases… one or more of these are likely happening to you right now…

Low in magnesium – Insomnia, restless legs, anxiety, depression, muscle cramps, low energy, fatigue , weakness, PMS and hormonal imbalances ,abnormal mood swings, nervousness, abnormal heart rhythms

Low in Omega 3’s - Crooked teeth, impaired brain function, dull , dry and brittle skin, hair and nails, impaired heart and eye function (degeneration), poor circulation, inflammation in the body, Poor memory, eczema, dry eyes, concentration disorders, energy, joint pain ,moods- anxiety, depression and highly emotional outbursts ( i.e. a short fuse), obesity and learning disabilities

Low in Vitamin C – Impaired immune system – lots of colds , flus or infections, Fatigue, joint and muscle aches, irritability and mood changes, dental conditions, bruising dry hair and skin

The list goes on and I could name so much more but I think you get the idea! The scary things is that even if you go and pop ten vitamins a day it likely WILL NOT HELP YOU..Did you know most mainstream brands of vitamins cannot actually be absorbed by your body and pass straight through?

So what do we do?

                                                                      BOOST IT!

....HOW?....Week 3 is all about smoothies and Juices. Make the commitment to blend up a super smoothie or make a vegetable juice ( with a home juicer!) everyday . Some quick ideas for smoothies are a banana and berries with some spinach leaves or juice every vegetable in your fridge...This way you are going to get lots of highly absorbable and potent does of vitamins , minerals and all the goodies.

Add a tablespoon or two of Chia seeds to each smoothie and you have your daily Omega 3's as well! The juice/smoothie is a powerpack of nutrition for your body and can be absorbed by your cells within 15minutes- can you believe it!

Week 4
Balance and Determination

Just keep on swimming!!

We have made it through 3 weeks of flushing, crunching and juicing....congratulations so far! Your doing great. The final week is about maintaining all three in harmony and the end of this final week you will feel like  a new person.

As this is a gentle and natural way to assist your body in detoxing its safe to carry on permanently or as long you like…the longer you keep it going to more weight loss and vitality you will receive! Be determined, be committed and you will see a drastic turn around in your health.

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I look forward to being a part of your journey!
Yours in health

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