How To Workout From Home Without Having To Workout

Ditch the gym membership - Today I am going to share with you some really easy ways to incorporate a workout from home without having to...

Ditch the gym membership - Today I am going to share with you some really easy ways to incorporate a workout from home without having to make time to do a workout! The added benefit is that you might even get done some of those chores that I know I never do…....aka pulling weeds.

So here it is my top 5 for those days that the running shoes look more like torture devices that sneakers!



Number Five:Vacuuming

Vacuuming is a fantastic upper body workout. Especially if using alternate arms!! For an added lower body workout while you push the vacuum forward slowly step one leg in front and then bend both legs into a static lunge then come back up...vacuum-lunges-400x40030 minutes of vacuuming will see you burn on average 125 Calories( much more if you add the lunges ). And to top it off, no dust mites, food debris or fluff bunnies.

Number Four: Weed the gardens

Yep good old dirty spidery, bug filled gardens (can you tell this isn’t my favourite), BUT the squatting, bending, pulling and twisting are all movements that done for a period of 30 mins will see you tone up and burn fat –GREAT for your butt and thighs- you will on average burn around 140 calories per 30mins.This is for an average garden but If your pulling out big deep rooted weeds and digging soil you will burn MUCH higher

Number Three: Ditch the car!

Have you run out of dishwashing liquid, washing powder and need some meat for tonight’s dinner? How many of us have a grocers, supermarket or fruit n Veg shop within 10-15mins walking distance and yet we ALWAYS take the car? …Walk there!! and on the way back evenly distribute the groceries between the two arms. Keep your biceps tensed and as you walk slowly curl each arm up a few inches as you walk in alternate sides. Don’t be worried if you need to stop that’s ok- Just keep in mind this isn’t one that you would do if you needed really heavy items or you may find yourself flagging a taxi! Walking is great for longevity of life, weight loss, stress release and the added weight from the groceries will help build lean muscle to assist in weight loss and increasing your metabolism. 30 minutes walking with weights will see you burn around 80-110 calories.

Number two: Redecorate the house

That’s right..! Ever had the feeling like you could move your bedroom around or change the layout of the house? Well it’s one of the best ways to burn off a few hundred calories. Every 30 minutes of moving items like bookshelves, beds and couches will see you burn over 200 calories per 30 mins. man-woman-lift-couchThe bending, pulling, pushing, lifting and carrying movements are all types of exercise that our bodies are naturally supposed to do – i.e. moving like the cavemen! It will give you an all over workout and help build long lean muscle and burn, burn, burn those fat cells.

And now for the Number One Way to Work out From Home without Working-out …


Number 1: Get down tonight…..

Aha yep I said it….With a calorie burn of up (but not limited to!) 207 calories per half hour this is one of the best all over body workouts. Added benefits are stress relief, immunity boosting, lowering blood pressure, improve your heart health, your self-esteem, boosts your feel good hormones, stronger PF muscles and a better night’s sleep. EVERY SINGLE one of these benefits actually aids in weight loss as well…so it’s a big happy circle of love and life in the end.

For the most benefit you want to aim to hit over 200 calories burnt per day so pick a couple and get those chores done while you tone up and slim down! Follow any of these exercise with a low carb and high protein snack …protein shake, chicken/fish/beef salad, nuts etc.

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