How To Be Healthy - With a Raw Food Diet

Whether you are on a Raw Diet or you are just simply researching better health, this article is going to give you an in depth understanding...

Whether you are on a Raw Diet or you are just simply researching better health, this article is going to give you an in depth understanding of how to be healthy, prevent disease and sickness and feel amazing through switching a few food sources and giving your body the right vitamins, minerals and nutrition to be able to support it's everyday healing and growing.

Even if you're sick, over weight and diabetic or your a gleaming , glowing yogi who lives on carrot sticks this article is vital to your long term health and understanding of how to be healthy.

You don't want to be this guy!!!....
how to be healthy - with a raw food diet

Finding yourself on the path of a Raw Diet is an exciting time as you’re learning how to be healthy at a cellular level! Raw Food is all about getting the most nutrition possible out of your food while enabling your body to support its daily functions. In the long run this means your body is receiving all the vitamins, minerals, compounds,  micro and macro nutrients it needs to be able to function without disease.

 Disease and sickness are always present where a deficiency is apparent. Our bodies are overfed and under nourished. We need to learn how to be healthy to keep our bodies happy and disease free! We have been focusing on raw Recipes but it’s also really important to learn how to be healthy by covering some basics that majority of our population are deficient in!

But I exercise So I am already healthy aren't I?
If you are exercising especially at a high intensity then the following advice is going to be vital to your success and health .I exercise at a very high intensity – Most days I am at Bikram Yoga (addicted should I say!) and then I mix up running/biking and interval sprints so when I switched to Raw food and started to get tired, sleepless and irritable, head-achy and was having serious stomach issues I was really confused at how to be healthy and still eat raw food! What's worse was that even though I was super tired I couldn't sleep and I started to put on weight as well, now that is not easy on a raw diet !!

My issue was actually a magnesium deficiency I thought I had all the right foods and supplements! The following advice is not going to cover everything you need but it’s a really good start to enable your body to support weight loss, build lean muscle, produce the correct hormones and support your bodies daily normal functions and avoid most major deficiencies, disease and sickness!

How to be healthy – with Raw Food

Why do you need Magnesium?

Are you irritable, tired, not sleeping, cramps and having intestinal problems?

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. When we are low or deficient our body cannot function and disease and sickness starts to form.

When we exercise we deplete our body of magnesium and other electrolytes. We need to replace them straight away to make sure we are living to our best.

You can supplement through food like sun-flower seeds, pumpkin kernels, Cacao Powder ( yes eat

lots of raw chocolate!) Flax seeds, Almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, pine nuts but if you your really wanting to make sure you cover yourself try this supplement as well - it's the best and highest quality you will find.

Why do you need  Protein?

 Assists in weight loss and maintenance, helps build long lean muscle, burn fat and keep an optimal body composition, energy, and Controls your appetite as it helps curb hunger pains and sugar cravings. If you switch to Raw food without getting adequate protein you may lose muscle mass. Studies show that those with a higher intake of protein have better body composition i.e. ratio of fat to muscle. You don't ever want to lose muscle. Remember two things very clearly - muscle is metabolism and muscle is medicine!

So how to be healthy with Raw Protein??  – A tough one if you’re a raw Vegan for some!

If your looking to Supplement then try a Plant or Pea Protein shake  - it's not as bad as it sounds to some – and major benefits are that it's Alkaline and easily digested. Both Nick and I have found vital protein pea protein or herbs of gold are the easiest to digest.

If your super fanatical about 100% raw( and possibly I think the following brand is the main one that is actually 100% raw certified)  sunwarrior how to be healthythen Sun warrior plant protein is a great option.

Make sure you use plenty of water though its quite thick. It can be a bit funny tasting at the start so add half a banana and a tablespoon of agave or honey to get you started.

You can also get some protein from nuts but these are super high calorie so remember not to overindulge. You can also get trace amounts form hemp seeds, goji berries, Spirulina, Maca, avocado, figs, Green vegetables and sprouted nuts and seeds.

Why do you need healthy Fats?

Heart disease is the number one killer right now and that's one death sentence I'm keen to avoid. How to be healthy with healthy fats is a very well researched path to creating wellness! Healthy fats like almonds, coconut oil ,avocado are excellent for cardiovascular health, reducing inflammation, skin, hair, straight teeth. They are a massive advocate for fighting diabetes and obesity.

How to Be healthy with Healthy Fats

Here's your top three that are must haves to any diet , raw or otherwise

Coconut Oil – Aids in digestion, Supports brain function, heart health,anti inflammatory, prevents diabetes and stroke, supports hormone production. You can cook with it ( only oil not to turn into a trans fat when heated) you can put it on your skin and you can make healthy raw desserts out of it.

Chia Seeds – Omega 3s! Your daily dose is all in one tablespoon - Keep your teeth straight, your skin supple, your nails long and strong and your brain, eye and heart functioning- These are one of the most important fats to get in.

Avocado and Almonds - Lower cholesterol, eye health, regulate blood sugar , Anti inflammatory, prevent birth defects, prevent risk of stroke , help prevent prostate and breast cancer, healthy skin

Being Healthy Is Not About Limiting Your Food Choices, Starving Yourself Or  Dieting!

Being healthy is about making informed choices that help your body heal, regenerate, grow and complete it's functioning. You don't have to give up Chocolate, you don't have to give up Caramel and you can eat still eat cheesecake! All you need to do is change the ingredients! Check out our latest Ebook ' The book of Raw' Slices Bars and Sweet Treats for Easy, simplified Raw Recipes that show you how to be healthy, how to lose weight, how to prevent sickness, diabetes, disease and obesity while still eating cake!

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