Ginger Caramel Slice - The Raw Vegan and Incredible Recipe

Raw And Vegan Recipes taste so much better than conventional sugar laden baking crap! I made this one last night for a special order and Oh...

Raw And Vegan Recipes taste so much better than conventional sugar laden baking crap! I made this one last night for a special order and Oh My God it is just so good i had to share it...check out the first pic I took while it was setting....I'm like a proud parent!

The first glimpse - Oh god it's heaven!
A serving of crunchy almond base followed by layers upon layers of the dreamiest creamiest caramel and then laced with the fresh zest of Ginger.
Ok we need some more know you want them to!

 Fresh ginger is excellent for your digestive system and circulation and combined with a healthy dose of our much beloved coconut oil- you just can't go wrong! A healthy tummy and a happy mind!
So here is the recipe, make it, love it, share it and enjoy it.....

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Julia xox

Raw And Vegan Recipes

Ginger Caramel Slice

Raw and Vegan Recipes  -  Ginger Caramel Base
1.5 cups coconut dried, shredded and blended into a powder
6 tbsp melted coconut oil  
1 Cup of Almond Meal 
1/2 Cup of Dates ( pre soaked until soft in minimal water then drained )
4 drops of stevia ( or mini scoops if you use powder)
pinch of sea salt

Melt the coconut oil and blend with the dates to form a rough paste. Mix by hand with the remaining ingredients. Press into a 8x8 inch tray or smaller but save about 4 tbsp of the mix and set aside for later.

Pop the tray into the fridge to set while we make the gooey caramel ginger topping!

Raw and Vegan Recipes - Ginger Caramel Topping
2 Cups of dates pre soaked until really gooey and soft in really minimal water
1/2 Cup of coconut Oil melted
4 tsp of fresh finely grated ginger
Stevia - 4 drops or 4 mini scoops if its powder
Pinch of sea salt

Once dates are soft drain off only half the water ( you should only have used a minimal amount as is). Keep remaining water in the bowl and tip in the melted coconut oil , ginger and stevia or alternatively 1 tbsp of agave. Now blend until smooth and creamy. Really let this blend the smoother the better. Test it out for the ginger - if you like it a bit stronger then add 1 tsp at a time till it tastes to your liking!

Scoop out over the base of the slice evenly and then sprinkle the 4 tbsp of base crumble you had aside evenly. Now roughly chop some walnuts and scatter across the top evenly for extra crumble. Set in the freezer for about 3 hours or the fridge for 5 hours. It will have a gooey consistency so don't worry when it doesn't go hard!
Now cut and serve!

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  1. I am a big caramel lover! i may have to try this!

  2. Love these recipes ... I love ginger

  3. Mmmm, sounds yum - what is the story with dates - they seem to be in a lot of raw food recipes I read - do they have some kind of secret texture or something that makes them good?

  4. This looks sooooooo damn good! I shared this on my business page yesterday:)))) Looking forward to trying this one!

    1. thanks Nicole, it really is soo good! :)

  5. Oh my! This one looks sinful! Definitely need to try it out. Thanks!

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