Chocolate Dessert Recipes - Raw Peanut Chocolate Tart Recipe

Yes , more Chocolate dessert recipes ! I can't get enough especially when they taste this good. Today we are going to make a raw choco...

Yes , more Chocolate dessert recipes! I can't get enough especially when they taste this good. Today we are going to make a raw chocolate dessert recipe with a twist. I recently was in the supermarket and I walked past a Reece's Butter Cup ..
 I was almost tempted but of course I know that making a Raw Version of the raw recipe is better in the long run. So off to the market to collect the ingredients for the Raw Reece's Peanut Butter Cup recipe! I wanted to make something a little more special so I have made it into a layered tart..oh my what a treat :)

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Oh and Raw Chocolate..I love you...

Raw Peanut Butter and Chocolate Tart Recipe

Chocolate dessert recipes

So get your aprons on and your blenders ready it's time to rumble...wohoo

The Raw Ingredients and the  Raw Instructions

Chocolate Dessert Recipes - A New Raw recipe by Julia-Rose

Base –Prepare and set the night prior or at minimum 4 hours prior

Blend the nuts until finely done. Remove and place aside. Blend the rest of the ingredients into a smooth paste. Tip in to the finely blended nuts and rub in like you would a crumble. Now press this into your greased cake tin and set overnight for the best results.

Chocolate nut fudge (layer 1)

Process the dates, agave/honey, cashews and salt until well mixed. Then add in the cacao powder and continue to process until smooth and creamy. Finally add the coconut oil and process until smooth. The more you process the better on this layer! Remove and set aside. Pace the mixed raw nuts in the blender and give a quick few pulses until roughly chopped and chunky. Fold these into the chocolate fudge. Pour the fudge over the base and place in the freezer until you’re ready with the next layer.

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Peanut Butter fudge (layer 2)

Process the peanuts until they are as finely blended as possible. Then add the cashews (must have been soaked prior and drained) olive oil, salt, honey/agave and process until your delicious peanut butter forms. Taste- it should be delicately salty/sweet. If it needs a touch more salt then go for it. Again the longer you process the better for this recipe so keep going until it’s creamy as peanut butter. Gently spoon over the chocolate fudge layer and spread evenly. Place in the cooler until you have made the next and final layer!

Chocolate Ganache (final layer)

Process the melted coconut oil (or cacao butter if that’s your choice) with the dates and honey/agave until smooth and well formed. Then add in the cacao Powder and process until well smooth and shiny. Add a tbs of water and process again until done. It should be shiney. Pour over this final layer onto your tart and set in the cooler for 6 to 8 hours overnight is best. To hurry the process you can do so in the freezer.

Store in freezer or cooler – up to you!

Just had to add the picture again because it's so delicious!

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until tomorrow...

Julia-Rose xo
Chocolate Dessert Recipe

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